MECO is the first and the leading company in the field of Gas and Steam turbines electrical & control systems in Iran. It was established in July 2004 and started with only 12 experts, but presently, more than 400 people are working with MECO. In May 2004, MECO was designated as a reliable licensee of SIEMENS AG for producing Turbines & Generators’ Electrical and Control Systems. In Dec 2005 MECO signed another license contract with ABB Switzerland for producing SEE, SFC, and Generator Protection.

What We Do?

The philosophy of MECO is designing and engineering, integrating and manufacturing, supplying and supervising the installation of electric and control systems in order to meet the requirements of customers and increase their abilities and capabilities in safe exploit. Knowledge and solutions of MECO Company is used to help creating better society and protecting environment.
MECO as a member of a large family of MAPNA is committed to meeting the requirements of electric and control systems and services of MAPNA Group as colleagues and customers.
Ability in obtaining and continuous transferring of technology and developing knowledge, exploiting of knowledge workers and Procurement capabilities are distinctive features of company in designing and engineering, integrating and manufacturing, supporting of various products and services and localizing technical knowledge in order to the growth and profitability.
Recognizing competencies and training, motivating and opportunities for growth, keeping staff improper working environment in MECO Company is a priority in order to optimize the exploiting of human factors.

MECO is an international company, a technical design And a leading integrator of electrical systems and controls company in the Middle East and West Asia, in Power Industry, Oil and gas and Rail transport and management model in MAPNA Group companies in the business.

-Upraising and improving the competition capability in local & international projects.
-Obtaining main business share in domestic market as the leading designer & manufacturer of control & electrical systems.
-Meeting MAPNA requirements in the field of Control & Electric equipment of power plants & other industries.
-Achieving technical knowledge & technology
-Upraising and improving the competition capability in local international projects.

-License from SIEMENS for “V94.2 Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine E-Type”
-License from SIEMENS for “Static Excitation and Static Frequency Converter Protection / Measuring / Metering / Synchronization Cabinet and Generator Bus Duct Cubicles”
-License from ABB Switzerland Ltd for “Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Selling, Operation and after sales services Licensee for:
IMS certificates:
-EN ISO 9001 : 2008
-EN ISO 14001 : 2004
-OHSAS 18001 : 2007
ISO 50001 : 2011
-4 star EFQM Award, recognized for Excellence – 2013; Production & Manufacturing Sector

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