Corporate Governance

Mohammad Hossein Refan


Word from the CEO. Today, industries have become smarter and are moving in a new and different direction at the international level. In addition, the operation and maintenance of expensive equipment and machinery are conducted using new and secure ways. This is due to the use of advanced, next-generation control and electrical systems. With an approach to the deployment of advanced scientific fields, the prospect of technical knowledge localization, and the enhanced designing and integration of electric and control products and systems in the Mapna Group’s industries of activity at the international level, Mapna Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing Company (MECO.) aims to create a value chain in this area and realize the national approach to economic resistance. The ultimate goal of MECO Company is sustainable development, which cannot be achieved without access to a trustworthy, technology-oriented and high quality brand. That is why the development of production technology, creating new products based on the future needs of the market, improving the service quality and upgrading specialist human resources along with the development of knowledge management are set as the basis of action for achieving the strategic plans of MECO. Gaining access to the MAPS advanced product is the embodiment of part of the corporate prospect in relation to the localization of design using organizational values. In order to align the employees and other stakeholders with the realization of organizational prospects and strategies, MECO Company propagates the organizational values of the Mapna Group including “customer orientation”, “innovation”, “organizational excellence and result orientation”, “security and eco-friendly strategies”, “responsibility” and “business ethics” with the use of a tripartite coding system: “ethics”, “values” and “culture”. We, together with our organization’s specialized and committed personnel, are proud to have offered value and reliability to the industrial society of Iran. We hope we can make a brighter future for Iran’s industry with the support and cooperation of the country’s educated elite and intellectuals.

Kambiz Moradi

Market Development Manager

Education: Electronic Enginnering

Nima Moradi

Production and Test Manager

Education: Electronic Engineering

Gholamreza Akabri

Financial Manager


Mohsen Fanaian Moghadam Khabbaz

Education: Electronic Engineering

Parviz Amiri

Chief Research and Technology Officer