Water and Wastewater

  • Treatment of all wastewater of the Complex through biological method of activated sludge
  • Recycling of more than 30 cubic meters per hour of wastewater
  • Construction of 863 meters of sewer network
  • Installation of a real-time monitoring system of treatment plant output
  • Reusing effluent water of the treatment plant output to irrigate green spaces of the Complex

Waste Management

  • Establishment of a Waste Management Unit
  • Construction of a temporary storage indoor place for wastes
  • Use of municipality solid waste management services to systematically collect and dispose of domestic waste
  • Recycling of the timber and wood for packaging purposes     


  • Continuous monitoring of gas emissions in the facilities
  • Continuous monitoring of exhaust emissions of lift trucks
  • Requiring the vehicles contractor to compliance with practices to control pollution from vehicles


  • Eliminating all sources of environmental noise pollution in the Complex

Paper Management

  • Reduced paper consumption through expanding automated processes
  • Distribution of separate bins for paper in the administrative center of Fardis

Green Space

  • Protecting of 57 species of plants in the form of 1637 trees and shrubs, growing of 7550 square meters of the grass and 4,300 square meters of ground cover plants
  • Establishing an independent irrigation network of 11,000 meters for green spaces inside and outside the Complex
  • A 95- per cent extension of pressure and drip irrigation method
  • Planting of different types of trees such as pine, cedar, ash, almonds, and olive in surrounding forests line with commitments in development of green spaces


  • Awarded Plat of Honor for Green Industries, Alborz Province in 2010
  • Awarded certificate of ISO14001 environmental management standard in 2009
  • Awarded certificate of ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard in 2013

10 years of safety and health activities of MAPNA Electrical and Control Engineering and Industry Company (MECO)


  • Establishment of safety work permit system in risk-prone work conditions and implementation of necessary preventive measures in highly risk-prone repair and maintenance activities
  • Commissioning and operation of critical equipment (fire water system)
  • Identifying training needs of safety workers
  • Providing of and supervision over individual shielding equipment
  • Establishing HSE Committee
  • Sampling of unsafe work practices
  • Preparation of MSDS of chemicals and placing them in access
  • Installation of GAS DETECTOR in different required units and locations
  • Factory-wide emergency evacuation, search and rescue exercises for keeping personnel preparation and holding several meetings of Disaster Committee to address the relevant issues
  • Establishing reaction teams in emergency conditions
  • Analysis of events within a team activity
  • Holding general and specialized safety training classes
  • Installation of advanced FIRE ALAR systems based on FM200
  • Technical inspection and issuing health certificates for facilities



  • Doing medical examinations (pre-employment and periodic) of personnel
  • Monitoring and evaluation of workplace harmful factors including: the noise, the light, electromagnetic waves and dust
  • Regular inspections and supervision over food safety and health
  • Preparation and management, distribution and installation of health messages in the form of posters, pamphlets, health slogans and announcements through bulletin boards and intranet
  • Planning and implementing of support programs for workers suffering from diabetes, HIV, hyperlipidemia, and musculoskeletal disorders through holding seminars
  • Programs to control insects and rodents in different parts of the Complex
  • Providing training courses on health issues, including general hygiene, ergonomics, occupational health and work-related diseases
  • Providing first aid kit items and equipment in different parts of the Complex
  • Administering Hepatitis B and influenza vaccination (personnel and family members)
  • Organizing a blood donation sessions


  • Awarded OHSAS 18001 standard certificate for environmental management in 2008
  • Establishment of the HSE-MS management system in 2014