Why is PMS mandatory in local and island network?

Due to penetration of Distributed Generation and necessity of operating of island network, in this kind of network Voltage and frequency could not be handled by big network anymore so one external and integrated system should be considered that can provide control facility of voltage and frequency while this system also helps all critical island network equipment to operates well.

Power Management System (PMS) is offered for responsibility of doing this aspect, the manufactures and big industry usually prefer to have their own local generation independent on national gird for supplying of their internal consumption further utilizing of PMS would be mandatory to keep related island network in stability condition during any unbalance situation.

For PMS implementation there are many requirement that should be provided.


The interesting point in using PMS is not using one unique solution for different plant , in fact the method of plant operation, equipment features and client requirement can determine the structure of PMS features and this is point that should be taken into account by contractor.

Important task of PMS is handling of frequency and voltage of island network to prevent any black out or network collapse.

For approaching this issue PMS should can observe all network situation for making suitable decision and right action.

Load shedding and load sharing is two considerable functions that PMS will execute for keeping stability of island network.

Before to start any engineering phase for PMS it is mandatory that stability studies of network is done properly then the result of that will be used during PMS designing as a design input.

One of highlighted issues can be how to realize islanding while the plant is supported by national grid.

Functionality of PMS in local and island network:

- Prevent to black out

- Frequency and Voltage control to keep network stability

- Active and Reactive power exchange between island and national grid

- Power factor control in connection point between island and national grid

- Providing balance between generation and consumption

* All PMS responsibilities are achieved by using load shedding and load sharing functions

PMS is needed in:

- Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industries

- Big manufactories like

- The industries have own generation to supply their local loads and neighbor load

- Network local with having distributed generation