Protection, Control and Monitoring System of Turbo Generator Industrial

Turbo Generator Control System

Turbo Generator could be used as an island power source parallel to electricity utility network, and to generate combined heat and power. In the latter case, gas exhaust of the Turbo Generator is recycled to be used to purify water.

It should be noted that Turbo Generator control system is designed for gas Turbo Generator operating based on a UGT25000 (DG80) engine.

  • Control loops and GT 80L operation time
  • Control system partitions
  • Control system characteristics
  • Control system tasks
  • Control system configuration


  • HPC speed controller
  • Open loop control in operation
  • PT speed controller
  • Load control
  • Limits on maximum HPC rotor speed
  • Limits on maximum LPC rotor speed
  • Limits on minimum HPC speed
  • Limits on output temperature of LPT
  • Fuel flow control and valve fuel control

Turbo Generator start time in normal mode: 25 min up to 70 percent of nominal load and 35 min up to basal load

Turbo Generator start time in speed mode: 15 min up to 70 percent of nominal load and 25 min up to basal load




The control system of turbogenerator

     Automatic control system.

  • Governor System
  • Protection system
  • Monitoring system

       The main body of turbogenerator control system hardware (such as: CPU, I / O cards, network cards, etc.) are products of SIEMENS.

Characteristics of the control system turbogenerator


  • Controlling, governing, protection and monitoring of all main and auxiliary equipment
  • Capability of connection to all plant automated systems
  • Has microprocessor modules, fuel valves and stations control, local operator stations, and remote system.


  • Check of ready-to-start conditions;
  • Check of ready-to-cold spinning;
  • GTE start-up with acceleration to specified operating modes;
  • GTE normal and emergency shutdown;
  • GTE cold spinning.


  • Automatic fuel flow measurement in start time
  • Automatic fuel flow measurement in start time
  • Changing GTE operation mode in given rate and certain time
  • Modifying turbine speed when synchronizing connected generator with the network
  • Fixing turbine speed rate with active power in generator terminal
  • Automatically limiting on HPC maximum speed
  • Limiting LPT maximum output gas temperature
  • Limiting fuel flow in rising and falling GTE speed rate
  • Protection of GTE limiter with reduced speed rate by turbine parameters
  • Protection of GTE under emergency conditions by performance parameters of its parts