POWER SCADA including hardware and software for Power SCADA System, Engineering/Design and documentation.

Technical Specification

A SCADA system for a power application is a typically PC-based software and hardware package. Data is collected from the electrical system, with most of the data originating at substations. Depending on its size and complexity, a substation will have a varying number of controllers and operator interface points. In general, SCADA system can be used in Oil & GAS dispatching, Railway systems (Metro & mainline) and power distribution application and etc.

In a typical configuration, a substation is controlled and monitored in real time by SCADA software and hardware. Data from the PLC and the devices is then transmitted to PC-based SCADA software located at the substation.

The Power SCADA in Railway projects consists of the control and monitoring of Power Supply System SCADA system. The software and hardware of this system includes of the following items:

  1. MAPVIEW Software:

MAPVIEW provides complete set of tools for hardware connectivity, visualization, analysis and optimization of industrial data and information, all to help boost productivity of manufacturing processes.

  • MAPVIEW is an open platform for supervisory control which makes it suitable for all kinds of SCADA, process and industrial automation applications as well as non-manufacturing monitoring.
  • The intuitive user interface of MAPVIEW+ will significantly reduce project design time
  • Highly efficient and reliable MAPVIEW can be used to operate plant/facility with great ease and reduced down time.

MAPVIEW has been designed from the ground up with a philosophy in mind: to provide an affordable, easy to use application by reducing design time efforts while keeping operational reliability and efficiency at the highest level.

  1. MAPCS Hardware:

MAPCS PPC is designed for use in harsh environments and is compliant with IEC 61131-2 standard. It operates over a temperature range of –40°C to +80°C and is resistant to shock, vibration and corrosive environments. Additionally the controller is compliant with the 61000 series of EMC standards. MAPCS is also compliant with FF HSE, H1 and FBAP standards and tested for H1 Compliance, HSE Compliance (including LD functionality-42c, H1 Interoperability, HIST). In addition the MAPVIEW is a compliant OPC DA and A&E client. MAPCS supports standard Modbus RTU protocol (master and slave) and can act as HART version 6.0 masters through the HART I/O cards.

The detailed design of software and hardware for SCADA system will be designed according to the following criteria:

 • Server

MAPDS acts as the high available unified data, alarm and historical Server based on the principles of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) called the MAPDS Server (Data Integration Server). This server gathers plant information in the form of data, alerts, historical data, database records, xml files etc, from various sources, combines them into a well-defined set of unified object-based structures, makes it possible to process information on the fly through powerful .NET scripting and serves this information to its diverse set of clients through WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) technology.

 • System Events

System events are created by the MAPView+ system, independent of the MAPDS server nodes.

 • MAPDS Server

MAPDS Server is responsible for keeping historical data and alarm and events in file based internal data structures and/or a high performance DBMS such as SQL Server or Oracle.


MAPEMS provides a reliable multi engineer environment for designing the project and source control.

 • Workstations

Engineering stations

Engineering stations has all necessary packages to configure a project.

Operator stations

Operator stations provide a view to the project in run mode with real time data.

The control system and related cards will be designed according to the following criteria:
  •      DC Input Module DI530
  •      DC Output Module DO571
  •      Analogue Input Module AI622
  •      Main Processing Unit MPU