Project Lists:

  1. Using control system and local distributed monitoring to control and monitor gas power plant switcher units
  2. Using local control system panels to transfer of gas turbine thermocouples data
  3. Design and manufacture of power circuit and central control system of static excitation system of 200 MVA generator
  4. Turbine over-speed limit
  5. Design and manufacture of industrial compact controller
  6. Design and manufacture of vector drive control of induction motors using DSP (digital signal processing) technology
  7. Design and implementation of synchronizer system of industrial time in DCS network with GPS time.
  8. Harmonic voltage effects of static excitation system on internal power plant feeders
  9. Design and manufacture of generator and power network simulator using MATLAB, and LabVIEW for dynamic testing of MECO excitation boards
  10. SMT assembly line
  11. Desingn and manufacture of MAPNA Teleservice
  12. Hardware and software design water cycle system for turbine and compressor benchmark testing project
  13. Electric and control system of turbocompressors of 13th, 22nd, and 24th phases
  14. MGT-40 control system
  15. Solar hybrid power generation (solar power plant)
  16. 14th phase turbocompressor control system
  17. Design and development of synchronizing board software of Fajr 2 power plant with network
  18. New design of central synchronous using synchronous relay and PLC-S7-300 control system
  19. A review of power circuit and static excitation system design of TLRI11541 synchronous generators using S7-300 AND T400 based on Siemens design for TY 105/46 synchronous generator excitation system.
  20. DG 80L control system
  21. Hydraulicturning gear subsystem control system
  22. National power dispatching project
  23. LC Switchgear (design, manufacture, and test of low-voltage withdrawable panel board)
  24. Design and manufacture of power systems simulator using Math work and National Instrument LB Power System Emulator (PSE)
  25. Training simulator of combined cycle power plant
  26. Design and manufacture of gas turbine debugger system based on data analysis of a given example power plant
  27. Desing and manufacture of Real Time simulator of synchronous generator and power network with hardware in loop capability based on DSP-FPGA processors
  28. Investigating the causes of fault in 232 foam sheets and repairing and debugging methods
  29. Design and manufacture of high speed bus transferer
  30. Design and implementation of logic of fuel control (governor) in DU80L gas turbine
  31. Design and manufacture of power system simulator to design and test excitation system using PSCAD
  32. Local switch gear control panel
  33. Design and manufacture of logic of fuel control (governor) in gas turbines (Zoria DU80L) in STEP 7 to use in turbine benchmark test project
  34. Design and implementation of online monitoring system (ETP)
  35. Design and improving of dimensions and air-conditioning system of gas power plant containers and mock design
  36. Development of user level software in S7
  37. Analysis of harmonics produced by generator static frequency converter
  38. Optimization and simulation of existing safety standard and economic and technical comparison with optimized safety design