MECO opens SMT assembly line, MAPCS project

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7 September 2014
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17 February 2016
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MECO opens SMT assembly line, MAPCS project

In the occasion of the anniversary of Islamic Revolution in 1979, MAPNA has inaugurated the assembly line of SMT (Surface Mount Transducer) and MAPCS.

The assembly line will produce transducers with precision applications in power plant, railroad, and oil and gas industries. 

This environment, along with HEPA filters prevents any dust infiltrating to the system environment, and enjoys the highest industrial standards in producing electronic transducers in fully automated system in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity.


MAPNA Electrical and Control Co (MECO) has long and valuable experience especially in integration of industrial control systems. The system incorporates Factory Automation, Process Controlling in an innovative way, and encouraged the Company to incorporate its highly competent MAPCS system (MAPNA Automation and Process Control System) along with a comprehensive roadmap.

In line with the grand policy of the Company which is to adaptation of technical knowledge to boost domestic production and industry, MECO, as the executive wing of MAPNA in power plant and oil and gas industrial machinery control, had set in the agenda serious and partial steps in manufacture of industrial machinery through using the capabilities of domestic manufacturers in human force and technical expertise, to indigenize technology in target industries in FCS and DCS.

Only few manufacturers have the capability to meet the demands of both systems simultaneously and provide both in the framework of Distributed Control Systems. MAPNA Electric and Control Co (MECO) has set this ambitious objective for itself in the market, and has hopes for support from authority in attainment of the ambitious goal in a step to self-sufficiency and creating jobs.