Enhancing Recovery

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7 September 2014
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Enhancing Recovery

1 Percent Enhancing Recovery Equals 6 Years Income

TEHRAN May 28 (Shana): If over the fifth five year development plan up to 2015 recovery rate to be enhanced by one percent, oil production will rise by 6 billion barrels that its value is equal to the country’s budget income for six years.

Addressing at a conference named Academic Consortium for Enhancing Oil Recovery, Iranian minister of petroleum made the above remarks adding despite projecting enhancing recovery rate by one percent over the next five years, we should be aware of the fact that recovery rate in Iran (25 percent) is far behind international standards which is 37 percent.

‘If we want to fill the gap each time by one percent, it will certainly take a long time but by relying on universities and scientific centers’ know-how we will be able to make a great leap forward in the issue’, Qasemi said.

According to Qasemi over the past 100 hundred years some of oil wells’ yield has fallen considerably; a point that necessitates paying more attention to enhancing recovery rate.

Referring to Ferdowsi oil field with biggest in situ heavy oil reserves in the world (34 billion barrels of oil), the minister noted that just 7 to 8 percent of the oil field’s reserves are recoverable which is the result of inefficient techniques of enhancing recovery.

‘Today oil industry not only requires to apply modern techniques of enhancing recovery but also needs more innovations’, according to the official.

Qasemi said that existence of tens of idle wells and falling pressure in oil and gas reservoirs has made the issue of focusing on enhancing recovery a necessity.

During the ceremony, Academic Consortium for Enhancing Oil Recovery’s document was signed by Iranian minister of petroleum, Rostam Qasemi on the one hand and the minister of science, research and technology, Kamran Daneshjoo on the other.

The consortium comprises of six superior universities of the country which are Sharif, Amir-Kabir, Sahand, Shiraz, Tehran and Oil Industry universities.