MAPCS SoftWare


MAPIDE (MAPCS Integrated Development Environment) is used for Configuration of the MAPCS structure and programming the PPCs. This powerful application provides all the tools and facilities that one needs to implement complex control strategies within the MAPCS platform. A hierarchy of HSE devices (Programmable Process Controllers and Linking Devices) and H1, Modbus and HART devices can be fully defined and configured in the MAPIDE. The programming task can be performed in a Function Block oriented environment. FOUNDATION Fieldbus control strategies can be composed of standard Function Blocks (FB), MAPCS’s own pre­written FBs or user written Flexible Function Blocks. The engineer can configure and organize the control network and elements, edit, download and debug control strategies and monitor the digital assets all in the same environment.



Visualization of the process under control is performed in MAPCS using a powerful HMI/SCADA application named MAPVIEW. This application which has been developed from the ground-up using Microsoft .NET technology runs on Windows XP and 7 operating systems provides advanced graphics and animation capabilities for creating optimum interactive experience for the operators.