Archive Data Management System for the TXP system

The maintenance and archiving of power plant data are of great importance. The archiving or storing of data in the Teleperm XP (TXP) system is as follows: The PU in this structure operates as an interface (for data transfer) between the plant bus and the terminal bus, also performing temporary data storage. In addition, the SU server is responsible for long-term storage. Since the volume of the data to be stored by the SU server is about 90 GB, external drives such as Magnetic Optical Disks (MOD) are used for creating a backup of the data stored in the SU server. Considering the supply limitations and high prices of MODs, the Archive Data Management System (ADMS) was designed and manufactured for TXP.
In other words, this product is a replacement for MODs and upgrades the backup capacity of TXP data for decades.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the ADMS can decrypt the data stored in TXP and convert them to normal databases. For this reason, you can access power plant data from decades ago independently of the PU and the SU, get reports independently and view the trends.


The ADMS system boots up without the need to apply any changes to the network topology or even the transfer topology and is also compatible with S5 and S7 PLCs in TXPs.

The features of this software product are as follows:

  • Storing data and creating backups of the SU at specified times
  • Storing data and creating backups of the ES database at specified times
  • Presenting stored SU data to the SU in the form of a Virtual MOD and displaying it on the OT
  • Presenting dates in both Gregorian and Solar Calendars
  • Searching for a specific date in the MOD list
  • Setting accessibility levels for multiple users
  • Creating backups of old MODs and storing them as Virtual MODs
  • Online graphic display for SU and MOD status

This server communicates with two SUs and the ES at its timings. In addition, it only requires the hostnames of these servers from the settings and does not require the entire topology. The topology and the network diagram of a prototype ADMS system is presented here below:

Benefits of the Product:

  • The system is equipped with Hardware RAID, a form of redundant array of independent disks. Therefore, if a disk is lost or broken, nothing will happen to the data. In addition, all Virtual MODs are powered by this software product such that the user can create backups on other drives such as a hard drive or a flash disk.
  • The entirely graphical interface of this program has made the software product extremely user-friendly, hence, saving the user from any complexity.
  • The software product is characterized by a log management feature which provides troubleshooting capabilities for the ADMS.
  • The software product can be launched very quickly. It can connect to the TXP and start its work within a few hours.
  • For installation, it requires no power cut, no online and offline transfers, and no changes in the switch settings or the topology.
  • To enhance accessibility security, the software products supports multiple users (the Multi User feature) which allows you to define users at two levels: operator and manager.
  • The program creates backups of the ES database so the users need not worry about any damages to the ES.