SEE-EAA (Excitation equipment system for 25MW Generator)

Technical Specification

A modern excitation system for 25 MW synchronous generators is designed and manufactured under license of EAA Company. This model of exciter is developed to supply DC energy of the generators utilized for coupling to steam, gas or hydraulic turbines, in any working conditions. Actually this excitation system widely could be used as D.G. (Distributed generation), CHP (combined heat and power) and separate GTG (gas turbine generator) units. This digital excitation regulator is dual-channel configured and each channel is an independent regulation unit based on advanced hardware platform. This system provides all required functions, such as PID regulation and PSS strategy, open-loop and closed-loop control, under and over excitation limiters. In the case of any faults channel change-over takes place bump less. The high reliability needed in an excitation system is achieved via parallel-connected and dual-cabinet operational modes.

Synchronous Generator

Manufacturer                                                                                     JEOMUNT

Type                                                                                                  JISALT 245F

Rated Power                                                                                      31.25MVA

Rated Voltage                                                                                    11KV

Rated Current                                                                                     1640A

Power Factor                                                                                      0.8

Frequency                                                                                           50HZ

Speed                                                                                                  3000 rpm

Rated Excitation Current                                                                    591.3A

Rated Excitation Voltage                                                                    203.3V

No-Load Excitation Current                                                               229.4A

No-Load Excitation Voltage                                                              55.3V

Field Resistance                                                                                 0.288 Ohm


AC Exciter Brushless

Rated Power                                                                                      123.8 KVA

Rated Voltage                                                                                   161 V

Rated Excitation Current                                                                   9.7 Adc

Rated Excitation Voltage                                                                   44 Vdc

Field Resistance  (at 75̊c)                                                                  4.5 Ohm

Frequency                                                                                          300Hz

excitation system for 25 MW generator

excitation system for 25 MW generator

excitation system for 25 MW generator

excitation system for 25 MW generator


  • Modular redundant control and power configuration make start up, operation, diagnostics and maintenance quick and easy; also reduce commissioning time.
  • Including automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
  • Mode of operation, "Auto", "Manual" the excitation control system can be arranged for both local and remote operation.
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI), an operator display panel designed to interface of control system.
  • The system constantly measures AC current and voltage of generator via CT and PT and also active power, reactive power, power factor and etc.
  • Power systems stabilizer option (PSS).
  • Soft start function.
  • Trending and recording data for diagnostics and troubleshooting are provided via monitoring and trending software.