The process control system SPPA-T2000 (Siemens Power Plant Automation) is the continuation of the well known process control system named TELEPERM XP. By introduction of the automation systems based on Simatic S7 the system SPPA-T2000 is the continuation of an approved technology.

The TELEPERM XP (TXP) process control system provides all I&C facilities that are necessary for automating, handling, monitoring, and archiving processes (such as the operational instrumentation and control systems of power plants). The tasks of a process control system are distributed to different subsystems:

•OM 650: Operating and Monitoring system. This is the process control and information system for operator--process communication and visualization.  
•ES 680: Engineering System. This system is employed for configuration and commissioning.  
•DS 670: Diagnostic System.  
•AS 620: Automation System. This is the system used for process automation.


Automation System Overview

Automation Structures with TELEPERM XP