100 turbocompressors

Phases 13, 22-24
Phases 13, 22-24
9 February 2015
renewal of control system of Ahvaz Ramin power plant 6th phase boiler regulators
9 February 2015
100 turbocompressor

Ordered by: MAPNA Company (Iranian Gas Engineering & Development Company (IGDEC) is a regular contractor of MAPNA).

Start date: 2009

Completion date: underway

Products used in the project

100 turbocompressorsElectricity and control system equipment, turbocompressor, and engineering supervising services in operation of turbocompressors (these facilities are manufactured as control system and electric panels and installed in ACS containers and sent to turbocompressor sites in different regions of the country).


Having imported the foreign model of electric and control systems in the project, MECO has indegenized the technical knowledge of these systems.

The project 100 turbocompressors includes design, manufacture/purchase, delivery, and supervise over installation and operation in 4 phases of indigenization. Installation of turbocompressors in predefined geographical sites in the gas network main lines (IGAT) is a responsibility of the employer.