Design and manufacture of generator and power network simulator using MATLAB and LabVIEW for dynamic test of MECO excitation panel boards.

Railway Transportation Projects Engineering Department of MECO
15 February 2015
Design and manufacture of vector drive controls of induction motors using DSP technology
9 February 2015

The project sought to design and manufacture generator and turbine simulator for dynamic test of excitation panel boards in the MECO Company. The simulator provided the possibility for engineers of the company to carry out all tests only possible with generator and turbine in the field in the company. The tests would make it possible to examine changes in software and excitation panel board parameters. This method of testing rules out costs and expenses of evaluation and sending human labour force to the site in doing field testing. It also help reduce the time necessary for disconnecting units from the network for applying changes. Other objectives sought are providing an environment for training and load testing, introducing excitation panel board, generator, and turbine operation modes when combined into an operating whole. Without simulator, only field examinations would help accurately display the performance of these parts, and generally, training sessions entail costs of transportation, accommodation, and even disconnecting unit. Furthermore, some tests such as exciter load is harmful in some stages, requiring training of staff in a safe place. Accurate training of the staff would prevent damages to public properties.

Objectives, innovation, and project achievements

Large industries manufacturing power plant panel boards such as Ansaldo, ABB, and Siemens create conditions similar to real field conditions of panel board manufacturing using computer-aided simulations, which, viewed by the central processor of the board, there is no difference between test and power plant conditions. All parameters of the power plant are generated and feed into the panel boards to create real time response of the board. Since MECO is the first Iranian manufacturer of excitation board of power plant generators, this simulator of the network (generator, turbine, and power grid combined) has not been proposed yet, and MECO is the first group to propose the simulator.


Real-time system implementation

Simulation and using HIL system

Implementation of economic simulator

Publishing journal articles, attending national workshops and IEEE conferences