Designed and Implementation of Synchronizer System of Industrial Time in DCS Network with GPS Time.

renovating, programming, and operating 2 units of control system of ROSTON TB5000 turbogenerator of Lavan Island Refinery
8 February 2015
South Isfahan Power Plant (BOT)
7 September 2014

Completion percentage: 100 percent

Project managers: Dr. Mohammad Hossein Refan and Hossein Valizadeh

Objectives, innovation, and achievements of the project


  • Design of a synchronizer system indigenously and in line with requirements of the power plant control system


  • All required parts of the current system is provided by German manufacturers, which has impeded by some problems.
  • Considerable savings may be made by the project.


  • The proposed time system is the first of its kind in the country.
  • It is designed according to requirements of the customers.
  • GPS system imbedded in the system rules out the additional costs of buying a separate GPS receiver system.


  • Economic justification
  • It is indigenous and thus eliminates dependence on foreign product
  • It is adjusted according to needs of the customers

Completed tasks

  • Preliminary studies
  • Design of the needed algorithms and system minimum board
  • Hardware design
  • Software writing
  • Executing software and hardware on minimum system board
  • Preliminary performance tests
  • Design of new board version and mounting
  • Preliminary performance tests
  • Debugging and software simplification
  • Real time performance test in power plant
    • MECO plant test
    • Shiraz Power Plant
    • Najaf Power Plant
  • Awarded certificate of type tests in accredited laboratories

Immediate activities

  • Software upgrading
    • Supporting other protocols (NPT, PTP …)
  • Hardware upgrading
    • Modular designing
    • Industrial casing
  • Awarded other certificates
  • Industrial-level production


  • The capability to fully replace Siemens synchronization system
  • Similar level of precision when compared to Siemens system
  • Economic saving
  • It is indigenous and thus eliminates dependence on foreign product.
  • It is adjusted according to needs of the customers.
  • It is trustable.
  • It enjoys required certificates.

Industrial applications

  • It is installable in power plant-wide control systems
  • It is installable in systems requiring precise timing.
    • Computer networks
    • Automation systems.