operating PMS system of Ilam Gas refinery

renewal of control system of Ahvaz Ramin power plant 6th phase boiler regulators
9 February 2015
West oil pipeline automation system
9 February 2015

Start date: May 2014

Completion date: Nov. 2014

Employer: Ilam Gas Refinery Company

Task description/project characteristics

Complementing and operating of Ilam PMS system was in the scope of MECO in the project. In Ilam refinery plant, 3 GE gas units each with nominal capacity of 25MW with the possibility of connecting to national grid, which provided the electricity power to plant with different voltage levels. The scope of the project was specified by earlier visits of company experts according to volume of work and with MECO’s experiences in Fajr 2 PMS project and mastery over Siemens S7 system, no specific issues would rise during the project. Since a considerable number of keys should transfer major part of their information to PMS system central PLC through serial MODBUS protocol, implementing of bus communication pathways was an issue of challenge for MECO engineering and executive team, since the team had no prior experience with the project. However, the technical team attempts managed to accomplish the feat, thus contributing to technical experience of the engineering team.

The technical team succeeded in creating communication of Ferrer and SEPAM relays through serial MODBUs protocols and Siemens PLC control system, and then time synchronising and data exchange was achieved in best manner possible.

In line with finalizing the existing logic, first, a preliminary investigation was carried out on logic; second, all necessary reforms in logic was specified and implemented in the logic. Furthermore, new logical demands was set by the employer, which was ultimately implemented into the software of the system. The project was abandoned halfway by Iran Panel and required refurbishing the hardware, including cabling, relay installations in key command circuits, and other things, which was carried out by the MECO experts.

Having completed the software and hardware of the system through simulation, MECO experts investigated the accuracy of project function performances; they also produced a procedure test of the refinery according to site conditions. Finally, with close collaboration of the employer, functional and operational tests of the PMS (Load Shedding) system were carried out successfully.

Fortunately, the employer was satisfied with the results of functional tests and the whole project. Testing conditions and scenarios were defined in a way to successfully conduct some tests on turbines including GE turbine governor behaviour and response, maintaining network stability when disconnected from compressors (which produced large- amplitude harmonics of odd 3rd multiples).