Phases 13, 22-24

Design and manufacture of industrial compact controller
9 February 2015
100 turbocompressor
100 turbocompressors
9 February 2015
Phases 13, 22-24

Employer: Petrokaran Kish Shafaq Company (PKSK)

Start date: April 24 2013

Completion date: Oct. 26 2014

The project included all design and installation and provision of parts of 16 turbocompressors and spare parts necessary for operation and special tools and ex-work delivery for South Pars phases 13, 22-24. According to timetable appended to the contract agreement, 8 turbocompressors should be delivered to phase 13 and 8 turbocompressors to phases 22-24. The first turbocompressor should be operative 11 months after the agreement date, with a turbocompressor to be ready to operate on monthly basis.

Products used in the project

Control and switchgear panel boards, containers, AHU (Air Handling Unit), cable and accessories, battery and turbocompressor UPS system.

GT 80L turbine control system

Control and automation