Railway Transportation Projects Engineering Department of MECO

Design and manufacture of generator and power network simulator using MATLAB and LabVIEW for dynamic test of MECO excitation panel boards.
9 February 2015


MECO (MAPNA Electric & control, Engineering & Manufacturing Company) is one of the Companies in the holding of MAPNA Group which specially is engaged of the electrical and control systems in the fields of power plants , oil & gas, locomotive, transportation and rail-way industries. After achieving to the great success in the power plants and oil & gas activities, MECO has willed to enter to the new markets and expand its products. As first step, MECO started to assembly control & electrical parts of diesel electric locomotives and now, MECO has been responsible for developing its activities on signaling, SCADA, CTC , LPS & TPS substations and electrification of main lines.

  • Qom Monorail POWER SCADA

Power supply SCADA system will monitor and control all power supply system substations including LPS and TPS equipment in both of LV and MV level.

  • Qom monorail phase 1 project includes 9 stations and one depot
 Meco’s Solution:

Supply hardware and software based on MAPCS technology


Cooperate with MAPNA Railway Transportation division to know-how transfer of designing & Engineering of shunting locomotive electrical & control systems from VOSSLOH.

Assembly & Commissioning of Electrical & Control Systems of passenger locomotive (ER24PC):


At this stage some equipments such as driver’s desk, Control Cable-Duct (wiring, cabling & test), Auxiliary cubicle & etc. have been assembled separately and were prepared to used on final assembly.


All of the electrical & control equipments and systems have been installed on the car body of locomotive and were wiring and cabling together . And formed the final production.

Test & Commissioning

At the end, the locomotives will be tested completely and then are commissioned.