renewal of control system of Ahvaz Ramin power plant 6th phase boiler regulators

100 turbocompressor
100 turbocompressors
9 February 2015
operating PMS system of Ilam Gas refinery
9 February 2015

Start date: Aug. 09 2014

Completion date: planned to be completed April 07 2015

Completion percentage: 65 percent

Employer: Ahvaz Electricity Power Generation Office

Task description/project characteristics

Refurbishing boiler regulator control system (Russian outdated and incompetent system)

Examining and detecting deflections

Surveillance of mechanical conditions and accuracy of operation of valve controllers

Producing technical documentation of the project

Producing control system necessities

Design and manufacture of control panels and monitoring system

Design and manufacture of server panels, stabilizer, UPS

Detailed design and manufacture based on Simatic S7+, WinCC