renovating, programming, and operating 2 units of control system of ROSTON TB5000 turbogenerator of Lavan Island Refinery

West oil pipeline automation system
9 February 2015
Designed and Implementation of Synchronizer System of Industrial Time in DCS Network with GPS Time.
8 February 2015

Project Features:

Employer: Lavan Island Oil Refinery Company (LORC)

Geographical position: Persian Gulf, 16Km off the coasts of Lavan Island

Products of the refinery: condensate gas, gas oil, light and heavy fuel oil

Task description: programming and operating of 2 units of refurbished control system of refinery systems.

Nominal capacity: 2 units of 2.65MW ROSTUN TB5000 turbine

Control system characteristics:

Control system: SIEMENS SIMATIC PCS 7

I/O number: 530

Vibration monitoring system: BENTLY NEVADA 1900 Series

Fire warning system: OLDHAM

Schematic image of the HMI of the project