Utility Section of Gas Refinery

South Isfahan Power Plant (BOT)
7 September 2014
Al Sadr Simple Cycle Power Plant
7 September 2014
Utility Section of Gas Refinery
Utility Section of Gas Refinery
Utility Section of Gas Refinery
Utility Section of Gas Refinery

According to a memorandum of understanding inked in 2002 between Iran Power Development Company (on behalf of TAVANIR Company) and MAPNA International Company and in compliance with the policies of the Energy Ministry and TAVANIR Company to launch private power plant projects in Iran, agreement was reached to build South Isfahan Gas Power Plant. The project to build South Isfahan Power Plant was agreed on the basis of BOT (build, operate, transfer) arrangement through the investment of MAPNA International Company and at least one foreign partner. Germany's IFIC Holding AG (IHAG) announced its agreement for joint investment in the project with MAPNA International Company (registered in the United Arab Emirates) and the two sides signed the partnership agreement on 9 October 2002.

South Isfahan Power Plant Project Company was registered at Jebel Ali Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates on 20 January 2004. The company launched its Iran branch on 21 September 2004. It was decided to build the power plant in Isfahan in a location 65 km southwest of the city.

Negotiations started with Bank Saderat Iran in 2002 to receive commercial loans for implementation of the project and finally in 2004 a contract was signed with the Dubai branch of Bank Saderat Iran and London investment group PLC.

Management, investment, construction and operation of the units of South Isfahan private power plant with the coordination of TAVANIR Company on the basis of energy conversion agreement (ECA) is considered the first interaction between public and private sectors in the power industry of the country.

The timetable for implementation of the project had been forecast at 36 months in the ECA contract. However, due to measures taken to accelerate the implementation of the project, an intensive timetable was agreed by the two sides and introduced through an addendum aimed at speeding up unit-to-unit production and operation of the power plant.

Meanwhile, a contract for operation and maintenance (O & M) of the power plant was signed between South Isfahan Power Plant Project Company and a consortium comprising MAPNA Company and MAPNA Operation and Maintenance Company in the Iranian month of Mehr in the year 1384 (23 Sept. 22 Oct. 2005). This contract included operation and maintenance of South Isfahan Power Plant for a period of 21 years since the start of the contract by taking into account the duration cited in the addendum for early production.

Currently, all the six units of the power plant have been synchronized and have become commercially operational. The power plant was officially inaugurated by the then president on 3 February 2007. The average annual production capacity of South Isfahan Power Plant is 5,700,000 MW per hour.


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