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MAPNA Electric and Control Engineering and Manufacturing Company referred as, MECO is an Iranian knowledge-based economic enterprise that established in 2004 in Karaj. MECO works in various fields along with its subsidiaries including: 

Development, design and manufacturing of automation and control systems, Protection, excitation and drive systems under the title of power plant electrical and control equipment, oil and gas sites, rail transportation infrastructure, steel and cement industries. 

Development and manufacturing of charging infrastructure for electric passenger and commercial vehicles. 

Development and manufacturing of electric propulsion for electric passenger and commercial, vehicles. 

Development of online monitoring systems of rotary engines, training simulation system of industrial processes especially power plants and main systems and equipment in various industries, development of MAPNA-Mind data mining platform in order to develop topics of Industry 4.0, IoT, IIoT and …

Development and manufacturing of various equipment in field of power electronic, healthcare (medical imaging devices), smart grids and rail transportation terrific control and signaling systems.

MECO’s purpose are business development in the field of energy, localization of technical knowledge, design and commercialization of designed products, product diversity through research and technology, electrification, digitalization, automation, process control and smartening, and entering the field of Internet of Things (IoT) that are the chapters of the Industry4.0

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Mohammad Hossein Refan

Managing Director & Vice Chairman of the Board

Education: PhD in Electronics

Sima Taghi beigZade

Procurement Deputy

Education: Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering

Nima Moradi

Production & Test Deputy

Education: Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering

Mohsen Shakibafar

Digitalization Business Center Manager

Education: Master of Information Technology – Computer Networks

Hamidreza Hafezi

Power Electronic Business Center Manager

Education: Master of Science Electronics

Behnam Dehban

Systems & Human Resources Deputy

Education: Ph.D in Human Resource Management

Mehdi Bashouki

Engineering & Product Development Deputy

Education: Master of Science in Electronic Engineering

Adel Dameshghi

Deputy CEO in Electrification Business

Education: Ph.D in Electronics

Mohsen Jokar

Research & Technology Manager

Education: Master of
Power Electronics

Sadegh Gorji

Sales & Customer Service Deputy

Education: Master of Science in Industrial System Engineering

Mohammad Esmaiely

Deputy CEO in Industrial Automation & Control Business

Education: Master of Science in mechatronics Engineering

Gholamreza Akabri

Financial Manager

Education: Bachelor of of Science in Accounting

About MECO

18 Years of experience

We have always been a leading and technology-oriented company since the beginning of our establishment.

Management stability

MECO company is a worthy company and has stable management.

200 implemented projects

MECO has implemented more than 200 medium and large projects in total.

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If you need more information about MECO, or if you need a solution or product for your company or organization, you can contact us.

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