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CEO’s Message

Mohammad Hossein Refan

CEO’s Message

In recent years, in public opinion it seems incredible to be state of the art and leading-edge of technology for an Iranian company in any field of industry. We are proud to inform that MECO not only has its own exclusive unique technology, but also presented a wide range of value chains in electric power industry, including development of rotary control and protection systems to local and international markets. For instance export of MAPCS (MAPNA Automation and Process Control System) to Russia, which is one of the technologically advanced countries, shows the success in this approach.

For years, Iranian industrialists have ambitious to follow world’s leading countries, but nowadays MECO localized foremost transportation electrification technologies that many countries have not achieved yet. Comprehensive solutions for smartening, electrification, and digitization systems in various industries are in MECO’s agenda, and MECO with its best endeavor begin the development of key products and main strategic systems in innumerous business. Despite the fact that this path will not moving in an easy manner; that is why MECO, in cooperation with Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, Alborz provincial Government and Karaj Municipality, has established an “open innovation laboratory” called “MECO-Next” in order to help young Iranian experts have the opportunity to develop new technologies and businesses. For the sake of successful commercialize innovations; MECO is setting up strategic alliances with great domestic companies. Concerning this, local products as On-shelf, offered to industrial automation System integrator Companies to enable them to enter the market and provide optimal support. These achievements would not been possible without support of MAPNA Group and macro policies and in this field.
It is our honor to inform that MECO is the sole company providing an entire supply chain for electrification industry in the Middle East and West Asia. All achievements that I have tried to describe in brief are plenty of efforts; which made by MECO’s young engaged human resources within the framework of MAPNA code of ethics (Me to Us). Sustainable development is the ultimate goal of Company, MECO accomplish a reliable, technology-oriented and high quality brand. As it has been so far, we look forward to benefit from support and cooperation of national elites and geniuses in Iran and create a better tomorrow for the country’s industry.

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