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MAPVIEW+ Design Software

MapView+ software provides engineers with a powerful tool and a comprehensive library to design and develop monitor screens (HMI). Indeed, the MapView+ software completes the properties of MAPIDE engineering software and facilitates the interaction with the process for the operator to design and configure the HMI section of the MAPCS system. The advanced structure of information management, alarms, and signals history enables the user to integrate the information received from the internal resources of the MAPCS system and external systems through OPC Servers of other manufacturers and form a unit comprehensive architecture in the controlling layer of the MAPCS system.

MAPVIEW runtime application

Regarding the project configuration carried out in the MAPVIEW+ software platform, the operators can move along the graphic pages, open the faceplate, manage process alarms, observe trends, and send commands to the control system using the MAPVIEW software.


1. Management of alarms and events:

In this section, different types of alarms and events of the control and process system are represented, and there are various facilities for filtering and displaying in group form in alphabetical order.

2. Faceplates in MapView:

The faceplate can be used when further details are required in a graphic form. There is a wide variety of ready-made graphic formats in MAPVIEW+ that can be used in terms of different function blocks.

3. Trend Viewer section:

Trend Viewer provides graphs for online and archived data. This graph can also represent calculation functions such as Count, Average, etc.

4 . Alarm Bar:

The alarm bar represents critical warnings in the control system. Each group of active or unacknowledged alarms has its specific window in the alarm toolbar.

5. Graphics:

Two-dimensional graphic pages can be easily designed using MAPVIEW. These pages are conceptual in nature and assign different behavioral states. Graphical net-based controls can also be added to them.

6. Scripting ability:

One of the important properties of MAPVIEW+ software is to add programming codes in two C# and VB.NET languages. The troubleshooting and ease of coding (code completion) are possible in the programming of this environment. Further, the connection to the database is also possible in this environment.

7. Security in MapView:

The 4D security design (Role, Operation, Time, and Severity) is one of the salient characteristics of MAPVIEW+ software. This feature guarantees secure access to different parts of a project at different levels.

8. Deployment:

The Deployment section helps the user to design, monitor and manage the network and servers under the control of MAPVIEW+. Therefore, this software can transfer any change to all servers and update them. This operation can be done without interrupting the program.

9. Reporting:

A tool has been designed for extracting the information and reports that provide the possibility of storing information in widely used formats such as Excel and XML.

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