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Turbine Protection

(Emergency Shut Down System)

Turbine Protection (Emergency Shut Down System)

Protection systems are comprised of temperature protection, vibration protection, speed limit protection and fire alarm system. The protection system parts are constantly monitoring their respective parameter completely independent of the control system, and in case of exceeding the allowable limits, in the first place, they set off the alarm and inform the operator of the system failure. In case the defect is not repaired or there is a possibility of causing damage to the turbine and its components, emergency shutdown of the turbine by the relevant protection system is feasible.

The emergency shutdown systems must operate sustainably and reliably, as they are usually used in sensitive industries such as energy, oil, gas, nuclear, etc. which are at risk for explosion.

The purpose of this system is to protect the organization’s personnel, equipment and assets in an emergency situation by guiding the process to the limits defined in the design in order to minimize the consequences of emergencies. It also necessitates the emergency shutdown system (ESD) to meet safety standards also known as Safety Integrity Level or SIL.

The vibration protection system is called VM600.

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